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Using Gobotree

Using Gobotree is easy. Once registered and logged in, you will have access to the entire image database.

All images have tags associated with that image. These tags describe the major elements of the image. The tags are organised into categories.

To search for an image simply type a query into the search-box at the top left of the screen. Alternatively use the 'All' drop down menu to the right of the search-box. This menu is organised into categories and the corresponding tags.

Searches are made up of one or more tags. You can build up a list of tags, shown to the right of the search-box, to narrow down your search.

Clicking on a thumbnail sends you to a preview page of the image and with the tags linked to that image. Pressing a tag will launch a new search based on that tag.

Beneath the preview image are buttons for downloading the image, either the free 1600 pixel version or the high-resolution subscriber version. You also have the choice to share the image on various social networks.

You can add an image to your favourites by clicking on the star button.
How it started
How it started